How to Insert Images in Gmail

I love sending pictures via email. I’ve always sent them as an attached file….not a great idea when family couldn’t open them for some reason or another. So, I got this great idea {{insert light bulb above head here}}, I should contact Gmail and let them know about my grand idea for inserting images in an email. Long, story, short….It’s already in Gmail, just needs to be activated. WoW! I’ve been using Gmail for 2 YEARS and never knew this! Dang it! So, I got thinkin’, if I didn’t know, then ‘maybe’ there are others out there that don’t know also.  Just in case that you, here’s a quick tutorial on HOW to get images in your email:
 settings First click on settings in the top right corner

lab2 Click on ‘Labs’

Scroll down until you see ‘Inserting Images’, click enable

**Don’t Forget** to SAVE! at the bottom of the page

image link 
See that picture there, that’s what you need! Click it to add a picture

Upload an image….you can see I have two very important images here, laughter and  chocolate! Seriously, what else is there"? Choose an image and click ok


I choose ‘giggle’ cuz I’ve had entirely way to much chocolate today. See there at the bottom, you can change the size. Genius!
And there you go, a quick tutorial of what you probably already know. Until next time…..