How to Back up your Blogger Blog

If your blogger blog IS NOT BACKED UP, do it now! I lost 3 blogs due to my, unknowingly, stupidy. I deleted them on accident. If they had been backup it wouldn’t have been so bad but NO, I had to learn the hard way. It was a very sad day.  You can read my post about backing up here. The link doesn’t work anymore so I don’t know what happened with that. Yikes!


Anyway, It’s really very simple to back up your blog…….


Go to your Blogger dashboard and click Settings



Click Export Blog




Click Download Blog



Your blog will be saved in an .xml file that can be imported. All your posts and comments will be saved. Shew! Please do this on a regular basis, like…monthly or something. :)


If you’re looking to make your blog a book, check out Blog 2 Print – Awesome!!


Until next time……


Kristina P. said...

Thanks for the reminder! I haven't backed it up in a while. Hope you're doing well!

MommyNamedApril said...

i always forget to do this!

HeatherH said...

Just did it! Thanks for the tip!!