Repentance Bench - Redo....Soon!

 {ignore the empty frame, it's a trademark in my house}

I love this bench!  I call it the Repentance Bench, being a former 'church pew'...the name fits.  When this bench was welcomed into our home, it was brown.  Not a pretty brown either.  I quickly grabbed my paint and brush and went to work.  I've loved the RED for a couple years now...but I'm thinking it's time to change colors.

Hmmm, need help here!

So, that's were you all come in!  Should I, Shouldn't I?  I need help deciding on a color, if I should!  Or should it stay red? I'm ready to paint, brush in hand.


Sandy Toes said...

How about black??
sandy toe

Janet (Latte Lady) said...

I like the red but was also thinking that black may be nice!

HeatherH said...

You could paint it white - my mother-in-law paints EVERYTHINE white, lol!

The Lowe Family said...

if you MUST paint it, go green. but i like the red. and i've always wanted to a church pew if you're ever in the mood to get rid.

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camp lejeune, nc


Lindsay said...

oh... i want a church pew too!!! my mother-in-law has one and she used it for time outs. isn't that horrible? what better thing to associate the church pew with than punishment, eh? HAH... i guess it's pretty common.