Medicine Cabinet Redo with Chalkboard Paint

{not the best pic, my camera is giving me fits ;)}

My bathroom was in need a more storage space and I really needed something 'pretty' above our toliet.  I didn't want just any 'ole thing on the wall, I wanted something neat and original.  So what does a gal do when she needs something the local Thrift Store! 

I found this medicine cabinet at my favorite Thrift Store for $5....Lucky Me!  I painted all the edges white and antiqued it with sand paper and black paint.  Then, this is the fun part...I painted the mirror with Chalkboard paint, yep...that's right..Chalkboard paint!  It was so easy and it's a lot of fun to write love notes to my honey!

This project cost me $10, total!  And, I love it!


HeatherH said...

Great idea!

Sandy Toes said...

How does he shave?

Hee hee..

sandy toe

Linda said...

Love this idea...great blog you have here...I will now follow you!
Hope you have a FUN HALLOWEEN!!!!


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Oh how I love me some chalkboard paint! Isn't it the greatest? Wonderful transformation!