How Time Flies, Here's What I've Been Doing......

I've done a lot of nothing!  Haha, just kidding!  I've been designing blogs, running a family empire of 9 and trying to keep up with laundry.  With an occasional piece of CHOCOLATE here and there, of course.  The 20 lbs I've put on makes it seem more occasional than I like to believe though.  grrr!!  Anyway, back to 'what I've been up to'....enjoy:

I've been at Designs So Pretty, uploading beautiful blog designs...EYE CANDY, I tell you, Eye Candy!!  Go check it out if you haven't already. 

I've also been designing blogs over at Simply Whimsy Designs, something I love to do!!

And there's more....I've been blog hoping A LOT!!  I've found some amazing blogs and website.  So I'll be featuring a blog from my secret stash, every week.  You're excited aren't you!!  Todays 'Fav Blog from Stash' is:

You must go and see her lovely designs and read her posts.  She's funny and down to earth.  She's one of my BFOTW {best friend on the web}....haha, I have tons of BFOTW's that don't even know their my friends, but still.

And just for sticking to the end of this post, you're now my BFOTW, so here you go:

Feel free to share this button with all your friends.  I hope you have a Great Day!!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

beautiful designs! and I love Gussy! so much fun in her shop!!!