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I found this on a friends blog, From Son Up to Son Down...and had to see what my blog was rated. I was thankful for the G rating...I don't know what I would do if I got anything else. I mean..what would people say if I got a PG or a PG-13...hmmmm, that's scary to think about!

Iwill admit the G rating was because I said 'crack' once! What would it have been if I didn't say that? So glad you asked...I've gone back and changed it, just to see if my rating would change.

Well, it didn't! No change, at all! I was hoping for an E for Everyone...Dang! I'll have to deal with a G rating...haha!

What's your blog rating?


Kristina P. said...

Apparently, my blog needs some of that Orbitz gum to clean it's dirty mouth out.

I did this months and months ago, and it was rated NC-17!!! I'm not joking! And this was before my nudity resolution. I know my blog's not G rated, but it's not NC-17! It did sort of make me happy.

ciara said...

mine is rated R..due to me saying shoot a cpl of times (only as in..oh, shoot, i didn't mean to do that kinda way) a$$...sorry :-/ and a cpl other words. i'm gonna go chk out the rest of blogs hehe

Kris said...

Oh, mine is most definitely G! What a funny link!