Extreme MakeOver or Not!

{Courtesy of The Sassy Mom;)}

Today was a very exciting day for me. I spent 5 hours at the salon getting my hair all decked out. I couldn't decide on a color so I told My very own Stylist to do whatever!

Ha Ha, no way...I'm way to controlling to let loose like that.

Actually, I was very specific about my color and cut. I took in two pictures so she would know exactly what I wanted. My Stylist has requested I ALWAYS bring in pictures of 'what' I want done. She says I'm waaaayyyy to OCD and she's VERY tired of 'fixing' the color or cut a day later. Good thing she's family or I would get my feelings hurt.

Tomorrow, I'll show you 'WHO' was in the pictures I gave to My Stylist. Two of my favorite bloggers in fact. Oh, and I'll post a pic of my New Hair;)


Kristina P. said...

I can't believe you are leaving us hanging like this!

Carol said...

I can't wait until tomorrow! That's just not fair!!! *stomping foot*

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I too am very ocd and picky, so I always bring in pictures to make sure my stylist has a pretty good idea of what I want. So...can't wait to see the after!!!! I am sure you will look fabulous!!!


Shawnalee said...

How fun. I get bored easy, so I often tell them to do whatever.

sounds like you had fun

Chanelle said...

WooHoo! I can't wait to see pics!

organic Sugar Scrub said...

It's hard for us blondes to go back to brunette. You have guts!

Rachel Ferrucci