Hospital Food!!

I completely forgot to show you my YUMMY meal I had at the hospital. Mr. Man laughed when I took this picture...he said "You gonna put that on your blog?"...YEP!! I was so hungry and because I have Celiac Disease and put on a low fat diet...this was about all I could have. I was bummed at first....until I tasted the salmon. OMG...I've had salmon, at home and restaurants, and this one takes the cake! It was so good! I had Mr. Man taste some...he loves salmon....he was surprised also. The rice was flavorless but yummy with the salmon. All I really wanted was some CHOCOLATE!!

I think I've hit my limit on how many times I can type 'salmon', haha!

Anyway, have you had YUMMY hospital food?


SassyMomma said...

yes...yes I have! ;)
That Salmon does look delicious!

Shawnalee said...

I am not a fan of fish. But it looks really good this picture.

Funny story, Sean (My BF) when we were 1st dating he took me on a date to the hospital. I thought that was really ODD!!! I couldn't beleive it. Here he could take me to a nice resturant, but no we went to the hospital.

Anyway we went to eat in their lunch room. Yummmmm! It was so good. I had a grilled cheese sandwich, and the fries were big and fat. We still go back. It was the best grilled chesse I have ever had. I think actually it's time that we go back on a date to the hospital, I am craving their food now.

Kristina P. said...

I haven't been in the hosiptal since I was 8, but man, that looks delicious!

HeatherH said...

Every time I've been in the hospital with my babies, I've loved the food, especially breakfast! I'll order everything I can lol!