Nesting Place, A Wreath and The Repentance Bench!

One of my favorite blogs has to be 'Nesting Place'. I love her style and the way she talks, know what I mean. I've gone through several of her posts and have taken notes, Seriously!! These pictures are from two of her posts....One of them is the layout of the pic's with the mirror, you can find it HERE! The other, is the WREATH!! Oh, how I love this Wreath! She shows how to make it out of faux fur and a straw wreath. Brilliant! You can see how HERE!

Did you notice a picture is missing in one of the frames....opps!! Forgot to move the pic's down and put my hubby and I in the top one. I'll do it soon, I hope!?

Oh, and one more thing!!!!....This is our Church Pew I found in the Classifieds. I painted it RED!'s been named the "Repentance Bench" haha!! No, Seriously!! That's what we call it.

That's all for today...I'm off to start on NEW project and hopefully finish it by the end of the year!!


Kristina P. said...

This looks so amazing, Kristin! I've missed you, BTW!

jenjen said...

Cute pew and wreath! Your blog is cute!

Thanks for letting me stop by!


HeatherH said...

Wow - that looks so good!! I have a pew on my front porch, it might look good red!