I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

{like my picture of Little Boss...I retouched it with Photoshop?}

The last few days have been so fun. Christmas Eve was spent with my hubby's family. We had a blast playing games and EATING! Yes, I was able to eat almost everything there. The Clam Chowder and most of the appetizers were Gluten Free. I wasn't able to eat the yummy desserts though. Are you feeling sorry for me yet? That's okay, I feel sorry for myself enough for both of us! I'm getting better at the whole "Celiac" thing. I don't get as upset anymore. I just eat a lot of what I can have. Just so you know, that hasn't been good on my FIGURE!

Back to my Christmas....less about my FIGURE!

Christmas morning was Wonderful! I'll tell you why.....On Christmas Eve, morning...I wrapped everything, made the biscuits and gravy for Christmas breakfast ( I thought my kids would like breakfast to go very fast, so I was planning on warming everything up) and the house was clean (sorta of). So when Christmas morning arrived, I was prepared! Or not! We woke up to the POWER OUT! No power, heat, Nada, nothing, etc. So we made the best of it....good thing our stove is GAS, so we heated our food (because I'm a GENIUS for making it ahead of time) and planned on going down to the basement to open presents. One problem, No light in the basement! No windows ....hmmmm, Candles? We got the lanterns out and the candles and headed down to the basement, when all of the sudden...the LIGHTS CAME ON! Surprisingly, we were disappointed. Who would have thought?

The rest of the day was so fun, we got so much snow and never made it to my family for Christmas....but we had a great time spending the day together. Our kids were happy with what they got and we were relieved! haha! A very, MERRY CHRISTMAS, it was.

One more thing....I must have been a GOOD girl this year or Santa really knows ME!? Either way, I got exactly what I wanted. Wii Fit and Photoshop Elements, love it! Santa must know about my figure too :(....haha, just kidding! Did you see my picture up top? I did that! Can you believe it? It's amazing what you can do with a great program.

How was your Holiday?....


Kristina P. said...

It sounds like a great Christmas, Kristin!

I thought of you this weekend. We went to a pizza place for dinner in Missouri, and they actually had gluten-free crust!

ciara said...

i wanted a wii fit and photoshop. got a wii instead. ya kind of need that first if ya wanna wii fit lol

sounds like it was a good christmas :)

HeatherH said...

I'm glad you had fun - I heard about the blizzard! We were in southern CA (which was still cold and rainy), but by Mon it was warm again when we visited Balboa park in San Diego. We'll be home soon!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I can't believe CA. That is just so bizzare. Glad you had a great holiday though. Santa loves you I see. :)

April said...

sounds like a great christmas - you have such a cute blog!!! and WOW, seven kids, how awesome :-)

TheRetroHousewife said...

Great blog, Im checking all of them out. I know, Ive left you about 100 comments so far but I wanted to let you know the whole *eat everything I can because its gluten free* phase will pass. At first I ate everything that said gluten free, even if its not something I normally would have pick...just because I could. Chin up : )

Rachel said...

I love. love. love my Wii! although the Wii Fit. She's a bit of a snarky bee-yatch.

I have photoshop elements 6 and I am now drooling over 7 because it's waaay cooler! Congrats on it! I know you're going to love it!
I'm glad you're doing so well with the celiac's!!

PS. the santa pic. It's awesome!