Celiac Disease.....and ME! Part 2

I know, I know...more Celiac NEWS?

I was so excited, last night, when I got the mail. There was a LARGE envelope with my name on it. I knew who it was from so I tore it open, actually I used the scissors, but still! Inside I found a large packet...when I say large, I mean, 75 pages large. There's a lot of info in this 'little' packet. I wanted to share some info with you, you and you.

1. I didn't know this, Celiac is a lifelong autoimmune intestinal disorder. LIFELONG! I guess, I'll have this for a while, RIGHT? So, it means, the digestive system stops working properly when you eat GLUTEN! And, if you didn't know what GLUTEN is...it's wheat, rye, barley and oats. And, there's no CURE! bummer.

2. If you eat foods containing gluten, the damage to your intestines can become life threatening and may put you at risk for other immune diseases. Okay, okay...I won't eat it, even though I really want to!

3. Celiac affects 1 out of 133 people in the US. Anyone a math nut, who can figure that out? I would but my brain is in 'GLUTEN STARVATION' right now and I can't think.

4. The symptoms, for an adult: feeling tired, irritable....okay, wait a minute. Aren't those symptoms the same as MOTHERHOOD! I thought so. For more symptoms click HERE.

5. Celiac IS treatable with the RIGHT foods. I know this because for the last three nights, Prince Charming has come home with YUMMY FOOD I can eat. The HOMEMADE mashed potatoes he made last night were soooo good.

For more info on Celiac Sprue Disease...Celiac Sprue Association

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Kristina P. said...

Kristin how severe is yours? I know some people can't touch gluten at all, and nothing can be cross contaminated. While some people have it mild enough that they will eat gluten and live with the minor cramps, etc.

HeatherH said...

You have such a wonderful attitude and perspective - love you!

Casey said...

While it doesn't make it any easier knowing you will have it forever, I bet it does make it easier at least knowing what is wrong! I was going batty until they figured out I was lactose intolerant. Hopefully yours will be a less severe kind and you can eat "bad" stuff on days you decide it's good enough to suffer through!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Yay for eating the foods that will give you your health back!

(As far as Kristina P.'s comment, even people who seem to have mild symptoms from gluten intolerance are likely to be destroying their bones, readying their body for cancer, etc., by not taking the disease seriously. So much better to stick to a healthy diet that will heal you!)

Tara said...

Hi Kristin, I am new to your blog, but I thought I would add my two cents for what ever it is worth! One of my girlfriends doesn't eat gluten either, now I don't know for sure if she has been diagnosed with the same disese as you but she won't touch it. she said at first it was really hard, feeling the same things you are, but she has been on a gluten free diet for quite a few years and she says she can see a dramatic increase in her energy and she has never felt so good. She does most of her shopping at Mother's market or Trader Joes (not sure if you have either of those stores where you live) but she makes some of the most wonderful food! Of course it was an adjustment and when we have parties I always tell her to bring what she wants, and usually everyone loves it! I am so sorry you are having to go through this, but it will get easier.... and keep an open mind to new foods...I also know that children diagnosed with autism have tried gluten free diets and they have seen remarkable differences in their behaviors and learning abilites. (one of my girlfriends son's is a shinning example!) It is probably a good idea for all of us not to eat gluten, so just think of it this way you are one step a head of all the rest of us in taking care of your body!!

Sorry for the long post...I guess I had some stuff to share! LOL! :)