Clear Fluids for ME today

{Clear fluids for ME today, looks good RIGHT?}

I haven't talk about my health on my blog....until today. Only because I like to keep things light-hearted and FUN! I'm a Glass Half Full kind of GAL! I mean really, why waste time worrying about something you can't change? Never give up, I say!

Anyway, as I was saying.....over the last year I had been feeling very tired with shortness of breath and nausea. I just thought I was a busy mother and needed more sleep....and to eat better (I used to be a FAST FOOD JUNKIE!, not anymore). My skin was getting pale and my brain was on slow mo'.

In August this year, I started taking my health more seriously. When I was treated for SEVERE Anemia and an H.Pylori Ulcer. I found out about the bleeding ulcer after vomiting (I'm know, more than you wanted to know). After going to the Dr., I started medication for the ulcer and iron for the anemia (3 pills a day, did I say...I was severely anemic).

A month later, I was feeling worse. I was getting groceries with my girls and on the way out of the store...I blacked-out. I didn't faint, just blacked-out for a second or two. I was nervous to drive home but I made it okay. I knew it was because of a low blood level....and I needed to get to the doctors the next day. I got into the doctor's and could hardly talk to her. I was so out of it! I do remember her asking, how much protein I eat? We discovered I rarely eat protein, that's another story. After her examination she did a finger prick to see were my blood level was was 7.4, a month earlier it was 7.8 (an average woman is 12). She told me to go to the E.R. and get a transfusion STAT (E.R. talk)!

Long story short....I had the transfusion and my blood level was raised to 11.7....I only now that because I had to go to the E.R. the next night with a blood clot in my arm, from the I.V. An inch and a half long blood clot. Can you beat that?

A month later, I was at the Dr's again with an ear infection (or so, I thought). No infection...a finger prick in stead! My blood level was 11.4. What? Why is it going down? I had been taking iron, drinking protien shakes (no fast food)....what was going on? She told me to make an appointment with a Hematologist and find out why my blood has ATTITUDE! So I did....she took blood, for more tests...AND sent me to have an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy (more info you didn't want to know). Just to find out if there is any internal bleeding, polyps, or a little vampire sucking my blood. Haha, funny!

That brings me to today.

I sit here typing, the day before my DOUBLE (Endo and Colon). While my family attends church and I drink as much fluid as possible. I'm humbled by the love of my Heavenly Father, Husband, Children and Family. For their concern and love for me. Whatever is found tomorrow or if they grab that nasty vampire, I will have FAITH!

P.S. I've discovered that eating HEALTHY is very IMPORTANT!

P.S.S I won't be back here for a few eat right and sleep tight! (I made that up myself)


LISE said...

Good luck!

HeatherH said...

Ditto! Don't worry about a thing, just take care of yourself! :)

keeper of the chocolates said...

oh, i should have commented here huh! sorry...but please be well! praying for you :)